Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Federal Government Might Have Lied About Severity of Gulf Oil Spill

A preliminary report states that the federal government might have lied about the severity of the gulf oil spill

By Nicholas Moroni

The federal government refused to tell the public just how bad the gulf oil spill was, according to The Associated Press.

The wire service cited a preliminary report by the National Oil Spill Comission which states that the Obama administration refused to allow government scientists to provide the public with more realistic figures as to how bad the spill was.

For weeks, scientists wanted to disclose worst-case scenarios to the public as evidence that the rate at which oil leaking from the failed Macondo well was increasing. However, the federal government stood in the way.

Initially, the public was told that the busted well was pumping out 1,000 barrels every day. Soon that number increased to 5,000 barrels daily. That estimate was based off of faulty evidence. That actual figure averaged 64,000 barrels each day by the end of the disaster.

"The government appears to have taken an overly casual approach to...calculation and release," the report stated.

The commission was put together by the administration to investigate the spill.

What's more, members of the Obama camp came under fire for misleading the public about the fate of the spilled oil.

"Our scientists have done an official assessment, and more than three-quarters of the oil is gone," Carol Browner, director of the White House Office of Energy and Climate Change Policy boasted on NBC 5's Today Show.

"Gone" actually meants that the oil had been dispersed, dissolved, or evaporated; thus, it could still be there.

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  1. Nick
    As you can see many still do not know there is a problem in the gulf.