Sunday, September 26, 2010

Hearings Provide Little Information Into Failed Well

Deepwater Horizon
(Photo by US Coast Guard/Courtesy of Sky Truth)
BP and parties connected to Deepwater Horizon refuse to take blame for failed well

By Nicholas Moroni

BP representatives answered questions posed by members of The National Academy of Engineering regarding the failed well that led to the gulf spill today.

Issues regarding the safety of the well, workers' conditions, and the emergence response system attached to the well all came under fire.

BP sought to dodge blame for many of these issues in a report it recently published. The board today challenged many of the reports findings.

BP and Halliburton have ping-ponged the relevance of a supposed flawed cement job on the well. Halliburton told the Academy that BP's report was "erroneous."

The Academy is studying the report and looking into the well at the request of Interior secretary Ken Salazar.

No entity has been forthcoming to take responsibilty for the April 20 explosion of the Deepwater Horizon.

"It is clear that you could go further into the analysis," said Mark Bly, BP head of safety and operations.

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